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Don Zeck Telephoto Lens Cap Review

Don Zeck Lens Cap After purchasing the Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VRII lens, I couldn’t help but feel nervous about having the front-most glass element of this investment exposed to the world.  The  black bag-cover thingy that Nikon provides with the lens,  is bulky and I find myself not wanting to lug it around and keep up with it when I am out shooting.  Plus it takes too long to take off and put back on again in a pinch.  So I looked online for a product to solve this problem and found the Don Zeck Lens Caps at  I read a few positive reviews about these Don Zeck lens caps and since there are not a ton of options in this particular market, I decided to take a chance.  I bought mine on B&H website at  I will be honest that I was a bit reluctant to spend over $50 on what I assumed would be a flimsy plastic lens cap….boy was I pleasantly surprised!!

The lens cap arrived and I was immediately impressed by the thick and durable, though still lightweight (2.9 oz), construction of the plastic cap.   The handle is securely attached and I even gave it a few firm tugs to make sure it was properly fixed to the cap.  You can see this sturdy handle in the photo above.  The lens cap surface that faces the len’s glass has six round soft-plastic/rubber O-Rings that securely hold the cap in place (seen below).  No worries about these O-Rings, as they do NOT touch the surface of the lens glass when in place.  As mentioned the lens cap fits the end of the lens (make sure to get the correct size for your lens) and is easily removed.  The best quality about the lens cap besides the construction, is the fact that it fits on the lens even while the lens hood it on.  This is extremely convienent if you leave the lens hood on and facing forward the majority of the time (like I do).  All you have to do if reach in to remove or replace the cap….take only a couple of seconds.   Overall I am very satisfied and feel that the lens cap was well worth the investment!   Highly recommended!

02-lens-cap-img_4040f   04-telephtoto-lens-cap-img_4045f


don-zeck-lens-capThank you Kyle for the wonderful review!   Be sure to visit Kyle’s photography blog for ideas, tips, and tricks at DZLC

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