Telephoto Lens Cap for Canon & Nikon Camera Lenses

Fits a Nikkor 200mm F2.0 AF-S VR, or VR II

Don Zeck Lens Cap

Don Zeck Lens Cap Nikkor 200mm F 2.0 AF-S, VR, VR I, VR II

Cap N10 fits the Nikon 200mm F2.0 AF-S, VR, or VR II

This Nikkor 200mm F2.0 Lens Cap is a practical and effective telephoto lens cap to protect your front element from scratches, dust, rain, and other hazards. This improved design features a handle to facilitate mounting or removing the lens cap while the lens hood is in the shooting position. It can be mounted on the lens while the hood is in the shooting position or in the stored position. The handle allows a firm grip on the cap so that it can be easily installed. The handle will compress for easy storage while your lens is in it’s case.  The N10 lens cap fits the Nikon 200mm lens.

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Nikkor 200mm F2.0 Lens Cap

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