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I was contacted the other day by the extremely nice people at USB Memory Direct about making some custom USB drives with my logo. I’d seen such drives before and had actually been thinking about making some as a way for people to remember my name and website. T-shirts and hats are great, but I like something different yet functional for PR purposes. When USB Memory Direct offered to send me a shipment of 25 customized drives for free, how could I say no?

When I went to the USB Memory Direct website, it took me quite a while to settle on a style. They had so many cool shapes and finishes from modern to quirky to rustic. I ended up choosing one of the wooden styles, which I thought looked super cool and expressed a great contrast between high-tech gadgetry and materials from the earth. To make things better, they had some that were made with bamboo, a pretty sustainable way to provide for our wood-like needs as bamboo grows rapidly and regrows in the same spot. Trying to select sustainable options when possible always sits well with nature photographers.


Besides looking cool, they work great. Though USB Memory Direct offers only USB 2.0 drives, I think an 8 GB (or even smaller) USB 2.0 drive is just fine as a promo piece. I have a couple of larger drives I’ll use for photos and software programs, but a smaller drive that’s not quite blazing fast is just fine to have in your laptop or tablet sleeve for everyday files and sharing. Oh, the magnetic snap between cap and main unit is wonderful as it keeps you from losing the cap.


I liked the sample batch so much that I’ll be ordering a larger supply that I can hand out to clients and when I present at photo conferences.

Thanks to my son Josh Basco for taking the product pics. We set the USB drive up on my home office desk and did the lighting solely with one small flashlight – a pretty fun and easy way to do some quick product photography.


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