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To kick off the new year, I’ve decided to launch a blog category dedicated to sharing sources of inspiration. We live in a time where technology allows us to connect with so many people throughout the world as well as discover so many different sources of information. We are extremely lucky that through online networks and communities we can share images, critiques and ideas with each other with the sole purpose of helping push our creative boundaries further.

I’m constantly amazed by the amount of optimistic attitudes that are present in the photography community and the willingness to help others advance their craft. On a daily basis, I come across things that inspire and drive my photography career. This could be a certain photographer’s images, a specific article, podcasts etc. Through these blog posts, I hope to provide you all with a source of inspiration.

Alister Benn – Available Light Images

Alister Benn – Available Light Images


For today’s post, I want to share a set of podcasts by a photographer named Alister Benn; they are sure to help educate, inform and inspire you. Alister is a talented photographer of Scottish descent, who specializes in images of the Tibetan region. He is also known for his impressive night photography work, his excellent e-books and is also one of the co-founders of Alister runs, which is a website focused on educating other photographers through articles, e-books and podcasts. I came across Alister’s podcasts a few months back and spent a good part of the day listening to all three. Alister couldn’t have chosen three better subjects to start with. Each interview touches on its own individual points unique to the photographer; everything from creative vision to processing. 

In my opinion, there isn’t anything much more interesting than listening to experienced photographers speak about their craft, including their approach, style, and technique. So hop on over to Alister’s website and have a listen, you won’t be disappointed:

Also, while you are there, make sure you take the time to have a look at Alister’s other work. There is plenty of inspiring material to keep you busy for days. 




Kyle McDougall is a landscape photographer/workshop leader based out of Ontario, Canada.  He specializes in creating fine art images that touch on both a visual and emotional level.  When not outside exploring the land you can find Kyle online sharing his images and helping others through his instructional articles.  In 2012 Kyle was chosen by Photolife Magazine as one of Canada’s Emerging Photographers.  To view more of his work please visit his website:


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