Telephoto Lens Cap for Canon & Nikon Camera Lenses

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Canon® L Series Telephoto Lens Cap and Nikon® VR Telephoto Lens Cap

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U.S. Patent 7,682,091

Weighing just a few ounces
our telephoto lens caps significantly
reduce travel weight and
will last as long as your lens!

Our telephoto lens caps are
C.N.C. Machined by
Brady Manufacturing, Inc.
in Newberg, Oregon

Contact Information
Don Zeck
(503) 201-1230 Cell
Don Zeck Lens Caps

Superior Design

The best telephoto lens cap for your Canon and Nikon camera lenses that will protect from scratches, dust, and rain. Contact us in Portland, OR. Finally a light weight practical and effective lens cap to protect your front element from scratches, dust, rain, and other hazards.  Many high end telephoto lenses from Canon and Nikon come equipped with only a “sock” to cover the lens and lens hood.  Our caps can be used with or without the factory hood.

These lens caps are precision machined from rugged black polypropylene.  They are C.N.C. Machined in the U.S.A. by Metro Precision Machining in Tualatin, Oregon.  The “O” rings will not mark or damage your lens.  Nothing touches your lens optics and the thick design will protect against damage to your front element.

Our patented design features a handle to facilitate mounting or removing the lens cap while the lens hood is in the shooting position.  The handle allows a firm grip on the cap so that it can be easily installed.  Our lens cap is held in place with six “O” rings that create a perfect fit.  The handle will compress to about 3/16th of an inch for easy storage while your lens is in it’s case.

The cap can be mounted on the lens while the hood is in the shooting position or in the stored position.

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